15 Minutes to Go!

2015-02-07 12:47:02 by spartan2744

In just 15 minutes my new game will be released! I'm pretty excited and I hope you guys enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making it!

Important Game Update!

2015-02-05 19:54:42 by spartan2744

Remember when I said I was considering uploading the game on the 19th? Well, it will probably be much earlier than that. It could be tomorrow. It might even be tonight.


Keep your eyes to the skies to see when the eagle lands!

Making Great Progress!

2015-02-02 00:40:57 by spartan2744

It was only a few days ago where I was saying I may make a game in the future. Well, turns out the future is now.

I'm currently working on a sequel to a sequel (threequel?) and am seeing some great progress ( and the occasional roadblock). I'm very happy with the results i'm seeing and I think it will be by far my best submission quality wise. I hope others enjoy it as much as i'm enjoying the creation process.


I don't have a confirmed release date yet, but i'm thinking around the 19th of this month. Now, don't quote me on that because I don't want to pull a Ubisoft and release a half finished game that's riddled with bugs and glitches.


Expect more updates in the future pertaining to this project or other assorted stuffs.


Thanks for reading!

Back once more!

2015-01-28 18:16:53 by spartan2744

Well, it's been a couple years and I think it's time to start again. I used to have such a good time on here and I want to relive the moments I had such a long time ago. Unfortunately my partner-in-crime that also use to browse Newgrounds (rocky99213) no longer comes here, but maybe with time things will be back to the way things were. Maybe i'll even release some more games and/or movies now that i'm older and maybe a little bit smarter. Only time will tell, so be sure to (maybe?) look for content and have a good day!

Back in Action... (finally)

2012-02-21 21:57:44 by spartan2744

It's been almost two years since my last submission to Newgrounds. And that is do to various reasons. A few of those reasons include: School, Laziness, Life in General, Friends, and Laziness. Being lazy is no fun, though, so i've decided to start messing around with Flash again. Unlike last time, I will only upload the absolute final products of what i've created. I won't upload any half-finished games like it appears I have before. From now on, only expect the best from me.

(Which isn't actually that good, i'm horrible at designing in flash. Well, horrible at designing in general, actually. My flash skills are also not the best, due to lack of practice.)

However, after all the helpful criticism I know i'll receive from all of you guys, i'll know what to add in future games

Thanks for taking time to read this. Expect to see better Games and maybe even Animations eventually.

(You'll likely see games before animations because I am truly horrible at designing on the computer. If I were to hand-draw it, it would be a different story.)

New Flash

2011-05-08 21:08:10 by spartan2744

I'm currently working on a new flash at the moment. It is a sequel to a game i've uploaded, which got some pretty good reviews. You should see it up within the next month or so.


2011-02-10 21:30:46 by spartan2744

don't think I like broccoli


2010-10-17 14:53:27 by spartan2744

I'm nearly finished working on my new game :) I hope you guys will enjoy it.

So far so good

2010-10-08 23:48:33 by spartan2744

I'm almost finished with my next Madness animation :) It's not gonna be like my other madness attempts. This is actually gonna be good. (not Krinkels good, but good) So be patient and check out my other flash, art, and audio submissions.


2010-09-28 15:32:18 by spartan2744

hi guys! I just posted my first Newgrounds animation an hour ago. it's still in the judging phase, but if it passes, i have my first ever animation that's a success :)